These Terms of Use specify the terms and conditions for the use of GOTTINGHAM, UNTITLED…, a website operated by Studio Xxingham K.K. (“Studio”), as well as the Co-Registry Service (Service”) provided by the Studio on said website (the website and the Service are collectively referred to as “Co-registry Service: GOTTINGHAM, UNTITLED…”), and the rights and duties of users (“Users”) and the Studio. To use the Service, please read and consent to all of the following terms and conditions and then use the Service.

Article 1. Nature of the Service
The Service is a platform for the purpose of having general public users view photography information that Photographer (defined below) and existing Users (this means Users that in the past received a photograph use permission from the Studio based on a separate contract (including agreements based on the Collaboration Form, “Existing Agreements”; hereinafter the same)) co-register, thus attaining the objectification of the co-registration relationship and objectification of photographs as works of art. The names of their registered photographic works are updated by Photographer through the Service and the Studio enables existing Users having a license to use the data of photographic works and collectors having original prints of photographic works to reproduce and otherwise use such names. Examples of use of photographic artwork are published by the Studio through submissions the existing Users make on the Service.

Article 2. Ownership etc. of Rights
1. Copyrights, design rights, trademark rights, patent rights, utility model rights, and rights specified in the Unfair Competition Prevention Act (including the right to obtain or apply for registration of such rights; collectively, “Intellectual Property Rights”), as well as any other rights to the Service, and writings, photographs, images, videos, programs and any other information of the Service (“Contents”) shall, as long at these Terms of Use do not otherwise explicitly specify, belong to photographer Gottingham (“Photographer”), the creator and the copyright holder of the photographs of the Service, the Studio, and third parties who license the Contents to the Studio.
2. Only in the case where it is explicitly specified in these Terms of Use, Users shall be entitled to use the Contents in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

Article 3. Use of Credits
1. In the case where a photograph (“Licensed Photograph”) actually provided by the Studio to an existing User pursuant to the relevant Existing Agreement is registered with the Service and published, the existing User shall be entitled to copy and use, in the manner prescribed by the Service, the name of the photographic work given by the Studio to such Licensed Photograph and other credits (“Photographic Work Credits”); provided, however, that the Studio shall be entitled to update Photographic Work Credits from time to time, and if the existing User becomes aware that the content of the Photographic Work Credits related to the Licensed Photograph has changed or is notified by the Studio that the content of the Photographic Work Credits has changed, the existing User shall have the duty to use the most recent changed Photographic Work Credits thereafter.
2. A User that does not fall under an existing User with respect to a photograph registered with the Service may only view the Photographic Work Credits of such photograph on the Service, and may not otherwise use the Photographic Work Credits.
3. Regardless of the use history of photographic work or Submission (specified in Article 4) by an existing User, the Studio shall be entitled to register Photographic Work Credits on the Service. Further, the Studio shall be entitled to publish Photographic Work Credits on the Service.

Article 4. Submission
1. Existing Users can transmit to the Studio, in the manner designated by the Studio through the Service, the data for any graphics, screenshots, book covers, or other works that were laid out actually using a photograph provided by the Studio pursuant to an Existing Agreement, the date of completion of the relevant layout, and the “staff roll” or other list of persons involved in the production of the work set forth or displayed on such work (collectively, “Photograph Use Examples”) (any such transmission, “Submission”).
2. The Studio shall, based on its own determination, be entitled to publish on the Service, post on social network services and elsewhere on the internet, and otherwise use by any other methods the Photograph Use Examples received pursuant to the preceding paragraph in a format and with content that it sees fit. The Studio shall have no duty to post on the Service or otherwise use the Photograph Use Examples it receives, and publishing and other use is strictly at the discretion of the Studio.
3. In the publishing of the preceding paragraph, the Studio shall be entitled to revise and then use Photograph Use Examples and other information etc. provided by existing Users when they were transmitted; provided, however, that when revising substantially and using such information etc., the Studio shall consult with the relevant User in advance.
4. In the case where there is any conflict between the provisions of an Existing Agreement and these Terms of Use, the provisions of these Terms of Use shall have priority.
5. An existing User that provides Photograph Use Examples pursuant to this Article 4 shall warrant that it is duly authorized to provide the Photograph Use Examples.
6. In the case where the Studio obtains personal information from an existing User at the time of Submission, the Studio shall use such personal information to publish the Photograph Use Examples and information related to the same on the Service, and for Users to search, view and copy the Photograph Work Credits. Such information may contain the relevant personal information.
7. In the case where an existing User that makes a Submission intends to transmit personal information to the Studio, it shall consent in advance to the use of personal information for the purposes specified in the preceding paragraph, and transmit such information after obtaining the consent of the principal to the fact that personal information contained in such information will be provided to the Studio, and the fact that such personal information will be use and provided to other Users as Photograph Use Examples.

Article 5. Disclaimers
1. The Studio makes no warranties that the Contents on the Service are suitable, useful, complete or accurate for certain purposes, or that they do not infringe on any Intellectual Property Rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, or any other rights of another person.
2. In the case where an agreement concerning the use of the Service between the Studio and a User falls under a consumer contract as specified in the Consumer Contract Act, notwithstanding any other provisions of these Terms of Use, the Studio shall compensate for any actual damage suffered by the User for reasons attributable to the Studio to the extent such damage is direct and ordinary.

Article 6. No Assignment of Rights and Duties
Users shall not be entitled to assign or sublicense to a third party, provide as collateral, or create any other rights of a third party on, its status or rights pursuant to these Terms of Use.

Article 7. Termination etc. of Provision
The Studio shall be entitled to suspend, change or terminate the provision of the Service or the Contents of the Service (“Suspension etc.”) without any advance announcement or notice. Even if a User is unable to use the Service or the Contents of the Service, it shall make no claims against the Studio, and the Studio shall bear no liability with respect to such Suspension etc.

Article 8. Amendment of These Terms of Use
The Studio shall be entitled to amend all or a part of these Terms of Use at any time. In the case where the time an amendment of all or a part of these Terms of Use will come into effect is specified and published on the Service in advance, such amendment shall come into effect at such time. In the case a User makes a Submission or otherwise uses the Service after an amendment of these Terms of Use, such User shall be deemed to have consented to the amended Terms of Use.

Article 9. Severability
Even if all or any portion of the provisions of these Terms of Use become void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions or portions thereof shall continue to remain in full force and effect.

Article 10. Language, Governing Law and Jurisdiction
1. The Japanese version of these Terms of Use shall be the official version.
2. These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
3. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance with respect to any disputes concerning these Terms of Use.

Enacted: 28/04/2022


Under construction.


本規約は、Studio Xxingham株式会社(以下「スタジオ」)が運営するウェブサイト「GOTTINGHAM, UNTITLED…」及び同ウェブサイト上でスタジオが提供するサービス「Co-resistry Service」(総称して「Co-resistry Service: GOTTINGHAM, UNTITLED…」といい、以下「本サービス」といいます。)をご利用いただくにあたっての条件及びスタジオと利用者(以下「ユーザー」といいます。)の間の権利義務関係を定めています。本サービスのご利用にあたっては、以下の全条項をお読みいただき同意の上ご利用いただきますようお願いいたします。

第1条 サービスの内容
本サービスは、写真家と既存ユーザー(過去にスタジオから別途の契約(「Collaboration Form」に基づく契約を含み、以下「既存契約」といいます。)に基づき写真の利用許諾(スタジオの承諾を得てなされた再利用許諾を含みます。)を受けたことのあるユーザーをいいます。以下本規約において同様とします。)が相互に登録する写真の情報に対し、不特定多数の他のユーザーが閲覧者となり、登録の相互関係の客体化及び、写真を作品として客体化するためのプラットフォームです。登録された写真作品名は写真家が本サービス上で更新し、写真作品のデータ利用に関してライセンスを保有する既存ユーザーと写真作品のオリジナルプリントを所有するコレクターに対して、スタジオが複製その他の利用を可能にしたものです。写真作品の使用事例は、既存ユーザーが本サービス上で行うサブミッションを経て、スタジオが公開しています。

第2条 権利の帰属等

第3条 クレジットの使用

第4条 サブミッション

第5条 免責


第6条 権利義務譲渡の禁止

第7条 提供の終了等

第8条 規約の変更

第9条 分離可能性

第10条 言語、準拠法及び裁判管轄




Q. クレジットとは、何ですか?
A. 作品情報です。制作関係者の名前と職能を示すものと、作品の仕様(作者名・作品名・著作権者名・発表年・出自・素材・サイズなど)を示すものに大別されますが、本サービスでは主に後者に準拠したクレジットを取り扱っています。

Q. クレジットをつくるのは、誰ですか?
A. 本サービスに登録されている主なクレジットは、本サービスの運営団体が付しています。ただし、作品名は作者である写真家によって決められています。

Q. クレジットは、なぜ作品に併記されるのですか?
A. 写真をタイトルのある作品として確認させ、その提供元を表示することで、人々が将来にわたって持続的にアクセスできる環境をつくるためです。

Q. クレジットは、いつ本サービスに登録されるのですか?
A. 写真作品が誕生したときです。作品とクレジットの公開および使用者への提供は、その後行なわれます。メディアなどに作品がレイアウトされたのちにクレジットが更新された場合は、本サービス上で最新のものが登録・公開されます。

Q. クレジットを入手するには、どうすればよいですか?
A. 本サービス上でコピーが可能です。コピーのためにアカウント作成やログインなどは必要はありません。また作品はコラボレーターごとの索引から検索が可能です。

Q. クレジットは本サービス以外では、どこに掲載されるのですか?
A. 作品が掲載された出版物や使用された広告媒体などです。そのレイアウトは、作品の使用事例として作品使用者などが本サービス上でサブミッションを行なうことで、誰でも閲覧が可能になります。